Buying Diamonds

I know it is really fun to rush off to Dubai India or the Caribbean  to buy your diamond.

However I have been offered some horrors to buy in bought in these locations. I will put that page up soon !

Before making a serious investment it is a good idea to fully understand the item you are about to purchase. Buying a diamond should be no exception yet how many people now regret rushing into a purchase before they fully understand the commodity.

Through out the year my consultants will attend local wedding shows where you can view the diamonds featured on he site. My trained consultants will arrange appointments in the comfort of your own home or office.  Contact us for further details.

Buying a diamond from E-treasures assures you of best price per carat. All  diamonds come with a Laboritory Certificate from leading world gem labs and pre owned diamond rings backed  by IRV valuers appraisal and valuations  and can be mounted in a setting of your choice. All settings  for new diamonds have a e-t Hallmark from the Edinburgh Assay Office thus assuring you of complete traceability. Cutting out many middlemen makes your diamond not only a precious accessory but a very worthwhile investment. All diamonds are sourced from known sources with the Kimberly process assurance and help to sustain the local population by Fair Trade Buying.

How about a small personal inscription? Have your diamond laser inscribed with your own special message. Or choose a small text which means something special like: My Valentine, Be Mine, I Love You, Forever, With Love or just a heart motif.

Certificated diamonds can have the certificate number inscribed on the diamond girdle for added security.

My guarantee Assuring you of Quality Style & Value